Environment Awareness Program by Master Piece Crafts Foundation on World Earth Day.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year.Earth Day is an annual event created to celebrate the planet’s environment and raise public awareness about pollution. Earth Day aims to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly.First time, the world earth day was celebrated in the year 1970 and then started celebrating annually on global basis by almost 192 countries.

Master Piece Crafts Foundation did the Environmental Awareness Program with Artisan Partners and team members of Master Piece Crafts. The venue was Jaunapur Village in Delhi. The program started at 9:00 A.M in the morning. Our team members had a seminar on greenery and how we can protect earth;

    • By not creating air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution.


    • Stop using plastic bags to avoid soil and water pollution.


    • By planting more and more trees.


    • By supporting our government picking up the wastes from the streets, parks, localities etc. and keep your surrounding clean.


    • Recycling and reuse of old materials.


    • Conserving the energy by practical means.


  • Guide people every day to take care of mother earth.


World Earth Day

After the Seminar, our team along with Artisan partners and local people planted 20 tree seedlings in the village. The local people supported and vowed that they will take care the seedlings and make it larger trees.