Agra is one of the main historical cities of India. Agra was one of the important cities under Mughal period.

Agra is famous because of Taj Mahal, which stands in the city and Taj Mahal is the most popular monument in the world. The Mughal Emperor Shahjahan ruled from 1628 to 1658 and built the Taj Mahal in the remembrance of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

India’s rich cultural diversity and civilization are observed within the handcraft of Agra. Handicrafts from India reflects the imagination of classic and trained craftsmen. These craftsmen are experts in their work and hence makes special craft. They also pass the tradition from a one generation to another and so on.

Agra is famous for Stone crafts, Leather work and Embroidery work. Embroidery work is worldwide popular and Indian Zardozi Embroidery work connects with the Mughals. Under Mughal period, mostly trained tailors used to stitch High Kings & Queens dresses. Few people used to work Zardozi Embroidery on their dresses and their entire family were involved in this creation. Later on, Mughal period was finished and the fashion was also changing rapidly. Therefore, these people work was also changing gradually.

Few families in Agra were dependent on this work and they changed the style of their work. They started preparing Zardozi Embroidery items like Bags, Boxes, Photo frames, Journals etc.

Master Piece Crafts team purpose is to reach those artisans in Agra who still lives below the poverty line. We always try to make a direct connection with these artisans and to promote their work. We try to associate with those artisans who are real and they don’t have any support to run their livelihoods. We are trying to promote their Art so that they can earn good and live a healthy life.

Master Piece crafts have minority women’s group named “Koshish” with 32 artisan members who came from different family backgrounds. Their families are dependent on them. Few artisan members have their ancestors who used to work in this field and they learnt this Art from them. They are not financially strong.

We are introducing their handmade crafts in the market & promoting their Art, so that they earn better & have good profit for their work. We want to improve their living standard and focusing on their child’s education & health. These Artisans make different products like Embroidered Boxes, Bags, Photo frames, Wall Arts etc.